Monday 10 September 2007

Footskating Friday

by Ronnie Apteker

They say that the camera never lies, but as I get older I find this to be more and more untrue. What you can bank on are the numbers; they are the ones that truly never lie.

This coming Friday the Footskating movie gets released. Two years ago around this same time, the Benoni movie hit the circuit. That film sold 200,000 tickets during its theatrical run. The new movie is not Crazy Monkey 2, it is a whole new piece of work, and we are looking for growth here.

If we do less than 200,000 tickets then the market is giving us a clear message: “voetsak”. Yes, if we do less than the previous film then we are being told to give it up. But if we do more than the last movie, then will take this as a sign of encouragement, to keep going.

This is our approach when it comes to Vottle. So far, month on month, the traffic continues to grow. As long as it keeps growing, albeit still relatively too slowly for our liking, we will keep on enhancing the Vottle experience.

I have been investing and championing film makers, writers, comedians, and artists now for over 7 years. I think we may turn a corner on the Footskating film. This Friday the first days’ numbers will tell us a lot. By the end of this coming weekend we will know the truth.

Please support the Footskaters. Check out and go see the Footskating movie this opening weekend. You will laugh! A lot!