Saturday 7 April 2012

More Material !

The Material movie is still out there doing some business on the cinema circuit, which is always good.

The screens for this present weekend remain key, because of the Eatster break and the school holidays etc. - this will be the last chance to get some solid bums on seats. We do imagine that we will still be playing through the rest of April on a few keys sites, but we take it one weekend at a time.

The DVD should be out at the end of Junewe are busy finalizing this over the coming month. It will also be out on the Box Office offering from DSTV around the same time.

We are waiting for one exciting bit of news. I would say it is has a 50% + chance of happening ... but we can’t talk about it just yet.

I hope to be able to share an amazing tale here soon.

Posted by Ronnie Apteker