Monday 11 July 2011

Missing some cells ... ?

Have you ever dialed the wrong cell number by mistake. Of course you have - we all do this every now and then. And so, you realize it is a wrong number and you stop the call and punch in the correct number and try again. But then, just as you are trying to call the number you wanted to dial in the first place, you get a call from the wrong number you tried with some guy going "You just called me - what do you want?"

Are people really that bored and that crazy. This is like somone who calls me and doesn't leave a message and goes "Why didn't you call me back". Hey, leave a message like a normal person - I get many missed calls - I don't sit there and go through my list of missed calls.

Just now you will ask me to put a surveillance camera outside my house, and everyone who knocks on my door while I am out, I must then go and visit. WTF?!

All this technology is making us stupider and crazier.

Posted by Ronnie Apteker