Monday 14 March 2011

Re-direct 'em !

I was in London recently for some work on the Material movie (which is now in production - day 1 of the shoot is about to begin and then we will be in full flight) and I noticed something about the Internet. The big brands are dropping their public web address and instead are using Facebook addresses. I noticed this on billboards, in the tubes, and just about everywhere I looked.

It occurred to me that there is a whole new generation of young people online who don't know this word "Internet", but they know Facebook. To them Facebook is the Internet, and the Internet is Facebook. And this is where the big brands have changed their strategy.

The brands have worked out that it is better to re-direct you within Facebook than to try to get you to go somewhere else. That is why they have dropped their web addresses, and instead, now are all plugging Facebook addresses. In Facebook they do punt their public web address, but first, they need to get you looking at them on the mother of all social networks. The masses are on Facebook and in Facebook, so rather just try point them your way in this captive space.

When it comes to the new movie we do have a public web site which I really dig : - perhaps I am just old fashioned (never thought that term would apply to the online world). But, we are also with the program, so, here is our Facebook address : - I am starting to like this too.

Wow, things continue to change at such a pace!

Tomorrow will be day 2 of the shoot - phew!

Bring it on!

Posted by Ronnie Apteker


kim said...

Such an interesting observation. As far as the movie, I've been watching it's progress -- not through it's own site, but through Facebook, and tagging within Facebook. One does it without being aware. Until someone like you points it out, that is!