Wednesday 2 March 2011

Material March

This month is a big month for a key group of local artists. The Material movie is being shot from the 14th of March, for 4 intense weeks, in and around Fordsburg. Vincent Ebrahim (from The Kumars) arrives from London today and Riaad Moosa is busy with Craig Freimond, the writer/director, putting some final touches on the script. Then starts a week of rigorous rehearsals. And then it will be "Lights. Camera. Action!".

We have been in pre-production (planning) since the start of February. The 7 year journey kicked off in 2011 in its official capacity, and very soon it all boils down to the script, the actors, the direction, and if our planning has been good, well, then, the last thing we need is a bit of luck. The pre-production stage is the toughest - you have so many choices - locations, actors, crew, art direction, script changes etc. You have a 1000 choices in pre-production. In the shoot, during production, you have 100 choices, and in the edit you have 10 choices. The more choices, the more stress. Yes, pre-production has been proper stressful!

We are all praying and hoping and of course, trying and trying and trying, to make this work. What we are ultimately hoping for is that of art imitating life. We are all taking a view, and betting on Riaad's magic, and if Craig can produce more magic (I am betting he can) in his direction, then the world will see Riaad's unique gift on the big screen. On paper the character has magic - now we have to take what is on paper and make it come to life. If art imitates life and life imitates art then Craig will take the magic on paper and transform it into something fantastic on the screen, and then this film making team will have made the most wonderful of magic. This is all a big gamble though – but a smart one that we have faith in!

The Riaad Moosa movie, Material, is all about purpose - it is about a man who knows his purpose - he follows what is in his heart. I once read "Your talent is God's gift to you. How you use it is your gift to God. Do what you do best. If you are a runner, run; if you are a bell, ring." Riaad is a doctor who understood that laughter is the best medicine, and Craig is a story teller who is trying to get this sense of purpose illustrated in a film. I am the entrepreneur who is trying to make this a success. The odds are against us, but we are feeling lucky. Please God this film works!

To follow the movie online go to and also, check out the film's page on Facebook at

This story captures the spirit of Fordsburg and its heritage and goodness. And of course, the story ultimately is about celebrating the talent of Dr. Riaad Moosa. If all goes according to plan, and if the film shoot goes well, then a very special piece of work will result. Something that will make you laugh and cry. That is ultimately what we are all working so hard towards.

By Ronnie Apteker


kim said...

Beautifully written! With bated breath, we wait.