Thursday 14 October 2010

Wrapping up

Not too long ago, I put something in this blog that I read in a Global Wrapps newsletter. And, again, something in their media message got my attention, well, a couple of things actually. Perhaps it is also because I know the driver here, the man behind the mission, and he is top draw. A more enlightened and inspired person is hard to find. This is what they had to share with us this week :

As I am writing this the Chile Mine rescue drama is coming to a successful end. This human drama has been a case study in disaster management, leadership and co-operation. The entire rescue was expertly managed, above and below ground.

Why was this so successful? Why did the human spirit triumph under such adversity when daily it collapses when confronted by trivial issues?

The first and obvious reasons that come to mind is that the situation was never politicised. No one used this to gain political points, although many points were earned. There was no monetary motive and exerts gave their time and knowledge freely, as was equipment given. No energy was wasted in trying to apportion blame or to avoid responsibility. And of course the bravery shown, by the miners their families and the rescuers. It was triumph of engineering and a triumph of the human spirit. Humanity at its best, a lesson for the entire world.

And then the Wrappers go on to another story, something which I follow with great interest:

Stats SA have finally lifted the embargo on the OFFICIAL June and July 2010 Tourist Reports. Consequently, the TRUE figures (well, as true as they get at Stats SA anyway) are there for all to see.

Overseas arrivals for the period June and July 2009 totaled 283 703. Overseas arrivals for the same period in 2010 amounted to 460 387.

That's an increase of 176 684 overseas visitors in total for the two months June and July 2010.

And they've probably inflated those figures as much as they possibly could - like they've included 36 053 "overseas arrivals" BY ROAD! - which I must presume to be re-entries from Swaziland, Botswana, Lesotho, Zim etc., that they have cheerfully double counted.

Nevertheless, there you have the OFFICIAL WORD on the HUGE WINDFALL South Africa experienced because of the 2010 world Cup: at best, a paltry total of just 176 684 additional overseas visitors.

Given that the expenditure incurred to host the 2010 World Cup was about R31 billion, the "acquisition cost" was R176 684 for each one of the 176 684 additional tourists that visited during that period.

Fascinating, eh!

And with that, I am off to the Global Wrapps up the road from us, to get a quick bite!

Posted by Ronnie Apteker