Wednesday 6 October 2010

Funny Business

So, over a year ago, the author, Gus Silber, approached me about writing a book: Funny Business. And guess what: it is coming out next week!

It turned out great (even if I say so myself). Gus, thank you - what a fantastic journey!

Here is some of the back cover for you - I hope this intrigues you enough to get a copy - I promise it will entertain you.

Funny Business: The Secrets of an Accidental Entrepreneur

Why does an entrepreneur, like a comedian, need to close a deal every 15 seconds?

• Why it helps, as an entrepreneur, to have a nice Jewish mother

• Why being a waiter is the best training for an entrepreneur, especially if you’re serving steak tartare
• Why you sometimes need to slow down to move fast in a world where progress is a paradox
• Why some mistakes are too good to make only once

Much more than a business book, this book is everyone’s business. It’s about the way the world works; it’s about living your life with grace and purpose; it’s about learning to love what you do for a living. And it might help you to make it as an entrepreneur … not to mention a stand-up comic.

Sales points (the pitch from the publisher):

• A business book for people who never want to read a business book: offers pithy, witty, yet serious business insights and wisdom in an accessible and entertaining way.
• Contains fascinating inside stories on the movie industry, a world unfamiliar, yet fascinating, to many.
• Will appeal to businesspeople or those who want to be in business for themselves.

It will be out in stores from next week or get it online already from Kalahari or Exclusives, etc.

Posted by Ronnie Apteker