Sunday 25 July 2010

Purpose strikes again !

Every so often I start thinking about one of my favourites words, er, subjects: purpose.

At IS we were given the opportunity to go out there and prove ourselves - delighting people is a great feeling, but how do you get a chance to do that? Why would a company trust you to look after them? Now, when you were selling something like Internet connectivity, we had a powerful in. This is something everyone needed and wanted, and so many doors were opened, and many bonds were formed.

We did in fact get a chance to look after people and delight them. Yes, the Internet gave us a strong in. We were out there, day and night, proving our professionalism and integrity at so many leading companies. And now, with LifeFundi, because there is no cost to a company for rolling this out, we have another strong in - we have been given another chance to go out there and prove ourselves again - is an exciting proposition to a buzzing company, and basically a no brainer. A Trojan Horse, to get in the door, and build a bridge. And we are building day and night!

I remember how, when I was active in IS, selling and networking and begging and persuading, people used to ask us about our bandwidth. I always scratched my head and said "The bandwidth we throw that in for free - we are selling trust!"

Posted by Ronnie Apteker