Saturday 10 July 2010

Pico point

I have been collecting magic tricks of late. You see, I got these 4 young nephews and one of them is a budding magician. And so, as the special uncle I am meant to be, magic seems to be the order of the day. I have been having quite a bit of fun searching for acts of hocus pocus on my various travels, and I am enjoying building this new collection, but the one thing that has really captured people's imaginations is my new tiny Pico portable projector - now this is a party trick of note!

It looks like a cell phone, it feels like a cell phone, it has a cell phone looking battery, but it is not cell phone. It is a cinema in your pocket. Simply switch it on, and suddenly every blank wall is a movie theater. The image quality is stunning and the battery carries quite a charge. It is also comes with a built-in speaker. Still images, movie files, PowerPoint Presentations - this is quite a machine!

Yes, this little baby is incredible - with this digital monster I am armed and ready for action. Going to customers with these new device has been so much fun. I got it the week before last and I can't stop playing. And when I show my nephews next week they are going to think I am David Copperfield. This is a seriously cool piece of digital magic. It comes with a micro flash drive and I got an 8 gig card and loaded it up - I put on our latest Randgo and LifeFundi presentations, and when I go to ABSA in 10 days time this little magic show is coming with me. It will be in my pocket, like a cell phone, and when I whip it out, they are going to be amazed.

From what I have been hearing and reading, the next generation of cell phones coming out in 2011 will have this kind of thing built in. Just imagine. You want to show somebody something new and fresh on the web, well, you whip out your phone, fire up a browser, go online, and presto, you project an image on the wall, and voila!

I love this new world, but one crazy thing is definitely going to happen. Think about this: you are in a family restaurant, and the next thing someone starts projecting some porn on the ceiling. This new device makes those annoying red laser points look like nothing. We are talking a whole new wave of visual noise pollution - yeah, a lot of crazy fun is coming!

Viva Pico viva!

Posted by Ronnie Apteker