Wednesday 21 April 2010

Wrapping up

This text got my attention; and believe it or not, it came from a Global Wrapps' newsletter - read it - it has an important message :

There can on be one winner at the 2010 World Cup and it is not the team that will lift the cup.

FIFA is the only real winner from this fantastic event. Please don't misunderstand me, I am looking forward to this event as much as anyone else, and the thirty odd days of soccer is going to be 30 days of party. But after every party there are partygoers suffering from a hangover.

What worries me is that the number of foreign visitors expected to come has been consistently dropping for the last four years. It started off at close to one million and now is only expected to be about 250 000. Without the other 700 000 visitors who is going to pay for these fantastic stadiums, road upgrades, broadband upgrade etc. The fact is that it will be you and me the ordinary taxpayer. Just as Greece is now paying for the Olympics that it could not afford SA is likely to suffer a similar fate.

And again I must state that I don't mind paying for a good party but the question we need to ask is should we be having parties when so many of our citizens do not have access to housing, schooling, healthcare and cheap transport. When they are rioting because of a lack of service delivery.

FIFA has conned us and are our leaders playing the fiddle while Rome burns.

Posted by Ronnie Apteker