Monday 26 April 2010

Amazon dot king

I remember when first went live back in the 90s - it was such an exciting idea. Yes, it was more of an idea than anything else - whoever would have predicted the incredible growth, and the constant re-invention. I remember buying my first books from Amazon, probably 14 or 15 years ago. I was so thrilled when my order arrived, complete with stickers, a t-shirt, a bookmark, and other cool trinkets. But, I have not bought a book from Amazon in a while. Read on.

I have spent a fortune with Amazon over the years, buying books, VHS tapes, CDs and DVDs. But, when I think about it now, I have not ordered a VHS tape this decade, and very few CDs of late. Even DVDs have lost a lot of their appeal. I am quite an old fashioned kind of guy, and I like the romance of holding a book in your hands. I imagine I will always want to add a good book to my small collection. But, I have not purchased many books from Amazon of late. But, I have had more Amazon transactions go off on my credit card this year, than ever before. Read on.

In the past few months I have buying eBooks for my Amazon Kindle. Perhaps it is just a novelty that will wear off, but whatever it is, it is a taste of life in the decade ahead. Amazon sells more and more dematerialized products - digital stuff that can be sold again, and again, and again. Couriers don't feature, packaging is a non-event, and customs and duties don’t seem to come into play here. Yes, the digital world is becoming more and more real.

I think the Kindle, and the iPad, and the rest, are all focused on one thing : a land grab! There is a rush for eyeballs, and Amazon's constant re-invention puts them in a very powerful place in my view. Sure, Google rules, and Facebook's membership is incredible, but Amazon has paying customers; millions of them! And Amazon has my credit card details, for example - I don't need to think when I want to purchase something. It is all so simple and quick.

Amazon is the ultimate retailer, or e-tailer. What an amazon-ing story!

Posted by Ronnie Apteker