Wednesday 3 February 2010

California dreaming

I have been privileged to have travelled to some far away places in my life. And one of the most amazing experiences was staying at the Four Seasons hotel in Istanbul. What a beautiful creation. I must have signed up to the Four Seasons mailing list or something because every now and then I get a colorful and enticing email from their marketing machine.

One I got recently had the following opening paragraph :

An extra day to escape, to discover, to dream. - What if one day, you found a day? That you could pick up, put in your pocket, and use for whatever you wished? What would you do with it? Soak in a spectacular Costa Rican sunset from your private plunge pool? Take a guided tour through Wyoming's rugged Teton Mountains? Escape into a California avocado body wrap, followed by a warm seashell massage? Or see the bedazzled eyes of your little ones gazing on a welcome wagon filled with toys? Whatever your desires, whatever your wishes, whatever your dreams—we have the perfect day waiting for you here, at a Four Seasons in your corner of the world.

Very enticing indeed. But I started thinking more about the idea of "an extra day". Yes, what would you do if you were given an extra day to dream. I love spending hours on my own, just thinking out loud, about new ventures, new magic, new stories, and new cool things to try.

I love the idea of having an extra day. A day that you keep in your pocket, to use when you want to escape and dream.

May we all have an extra day to dream, every now and again.

Posted by Ronnie Apteker