Tuesday 6 May 2008

Vottle update

April was a big development month for the Vottlers! Here are some of the highlights:

- We continued to put more anti-spam/scam tools in place: a big part of our on-going mission is to keep the Vottle data as "clean" as possible. This will be a key differentiator when it comes to competing online classifieds platforms.

- We rolled out "Featured adverts". These are postings which get featured on the home page. This is a paid for service along with our "Premium" postings, which we will continue to test this month and by June we will start charging for these services.

- The home page has a new look, which includes the above "Featured adverts", as well as corporate banner advertising. This is another service we will start selling from June.

- A big one has been the integration with Netads. We are now cross-populating postings between Vottle and Netads, which is a win/win for both portals.

- We have some new Vottlers coming on board to help with the increasing workload.

- We are continuing to refine and tweak our database infrastructure in an effort to constantly speed things up. Vottle is quick, but the load keeps growing and hence we have to try be a few steps ahead at all times.

- Our Google Adwords spend was decreased in April and we will continue to tweak and refine our Adwords campaign in an effort to bring our Google spend down. We are getting pretty consistent organic traffic and the Google traffic contribution needs to be clearly capped before the year is out.

Posted by the Vottlers