Wednesday 7 May 2008


You only ever invest in people, not in paperwork. Think of a marriage; now that is a big investment. You are investing in a life partner. In a business, you should also aim to have a life partner; that means you have a good partner and a solid partnership. We should not take these things lightly. Taking a risk is one thing, but, committing to someone, for a long time, a life time in fact, is a big thing. I am always amazed at how people just fall in love all the time and get married. No wonder divorce rates are so high. Also, no wonder bankruptcy rates are so high too. Yes, finding a life partner is no easy thing.

It all boils down to character. Personality opens doors but character keeps those doors open.

Invest in people with character. Invest in people who love what they do. Invest in people who are genuine.

We can't pay someone to love their work, or to love another person. You can't pay someone to be inspired. You can pay them to be at work on time, but you can't make them do a good day's work. Sure, perhaps you can fire them if they don't perform but you can't pay someone to be motivated.

Invest in motivated people!

Posted by Ronnie Apteker