Thursday 20 March 2008

Good people are hard to find

Probably the biggest challenge in life, when it comes to business, and when it comes to everything else too, is to find good people. After all, everything in this world is about people, so, it makes sense that this is indeed our biggest mission.

An important question then is: What is a good person? In my view, a reliable person is a good person. Someone who is honest and honourable. Yes, you can keep the clever people away from me. Seriously, I am tired of meeting all these geniuses who never get back to me. Who make these big, bold statements and then nothing happens. Rather be reliable than smart. Of course, if you are both, then that is great.

Say what you mean, and mean what you say.

What does it mean "to do business" with someone? I think it is about a feeling you have for that person. And this is because you only ever invest in people, not in business plans. So, you should get to know the people you chose to invest in. Work with people you enjoy spending time with. You wouldn't marry someone you wouldn't want to have dinner with, for example; so why work with them either.

Finding good people is indeed an ongoing challenge. How you will do business is much less important than who you will do business with. If you find a "good" person then the "how" part will be a pleasure. And, if you find a "bad" person then you are in for a headache.

Posted by Ronnie Apteker