Friday 30 November 2007

Vottle vroooom ...

We broke the one million mark this month for number of page impressions! There is lots going on in Votteland - here are some highlights:

  • our outdoor guerrilla style marketing campaign will be fully underway from January - we are hoping this gives Vottle some even bigger momentum
  • we now have all our neighbouring countries featured on Vottle - you can now make a posting at a country level in Southern Africa - one can even post an advert using their native currency when making a posting from a specific country
  • we now allow users to upload an image to their profile - this can be a personal picture in the case of an individual, or, it can be a company logo in the case of a corporate - this is a move towards a more social environment
  • our comments system will be enhanced in the month ahead; the profile image will come into play there - the aim is to move to a "forum" type environment when it comes to our comments environment
  • we are experimenting with "Vottle specials" - we currently have specials from and - we will also be rolling out with Exclusive Books in the next couple of weeks
  • we are currently experimenting with Rapleaf

Posted by the Vottlers