Thursday 11 October 2012

Tonight !

The Busan boys are now in London. Tonight is the BIG one - our first screening at the London film festival. It is going to be a material affair.

The film was very received at the Korean festival in Busan - the whole experience is something we will never forget. One thing is for sure, the films works - we had two sold out screenings in Busan and we saw the audience laughing and crying. The subtitling will remain a mystery - we will never know how accurately the film was translated, but we do know that everyone liked the film. You can't laugh and cry if you can't invest in the characters and go with them on their journey. We will probably not land an Asian distributor as it is very difficult to crack that market, especially for such a foreign film, but tonight in London we have a chance to gain a foothold.

Riaad Moosa and Vincent Ebrahim will be there, with Craig, Robbie, Tendeka and I, and we have some very special guests coming. Riaad is also doing a comedy gig tomorrow night in London and that is going to be something to see. We may even get a surprise visit from Riaad's co-stars from the Long Walk to Freedom.

We have been waiting for this London time for a while now. We were lucky to get this far, and now, we need a bit more luck to get us over the finish line.

Tonight is going to be a defining moment on the material journey.
Posted by Ronnie Apteker