Sunday 2 September 2012

Viva Material viva !

Our screenings here at the Montreal film festival went good. The movie was very well received. We learned a fortune and met some very good people.

We did have a few technical gremlins, and nail biting will soon be an Olympic event, but we got through it, and now are breathing easier that all is behind us. Everyone who saw the film was impressed - we could see this in their eyes. We were standing outside the cinema when people were leaving after the film finished, at the end of each screening, and they all gave us a thumbs up.

I managed to ask many people how come they chose to see Material when there were so many other movies playing at the festival. The majority said that they read the reviews on IMDB and saw the rating the film had received. It is amazing how important IMDB actually is in the real world. So, please vote for the film on IMDB :

We were approached by a group from Toronto who run the International Diaspora Film Festival there ( - they liked the film so much that they asked us to consider it for their festival in November ... that is not far off so I hope we can make it work - time is not on our side here. This festival does look like a great fit for Material.

In October we go to Busan in South Korea, and after that is the big one, which we will be allowed to announce soon.

Montreal has been a great ramp-up. An intense learning exercise that was important. We are in good shape. The next 6 months are gonna be proper hectic and we need to be very well prepared. We will be.

Posted by Ronnie Apteker