Tuesday 21 August 2012


I caught something on CNN recently which really got my imagination going. It was a story about the women oriented sex-thriller series of books called "Fifty Shades of Grey" and how it has sold almost 20 million copies in the US. They even compared it to Harry Potter when it comes to the numbers. The news story said that women around the world can’t get enough of this series.

But here is the interesting part of the story. The news update said that a very big part of the sales have been as an e-book ... and this is where it gets very interesting!

The e-book version has been purchased mainly by men, because they want to read this book without anyone knowing. They don't want to sit on the subway or the bus holding a copy of this book, but on a Kindle or an iPad, for example, no one can see what they are reading, because you can't see the cover of the book when you read it on an e-reader.

Yes, this story really got my imagination running wild. The e-World is cooking!
Posted by Ronnie Apteker