Sunday 1 July 2012

July !!!

The first half of the year is over. It went by in a flash ... wow!

We have been waiting for July very patiently. Not because we didn't like June, but because so much news is coming this month. Please God only good news.

Yes, the Material team is getting ready for a drum roll or two ... may we have the envelope please.

In this month ahead we will hear from the Venice and Toronto film festivals, and perhaps even London (although for LIFF we will probably only get news around August, but hopefully sooner). Then, our man Vincent in London may have some exciting news too, as well as the good doctor, Riaad Moosa, who is living the good news, and will be able to share it after the 18th of this month.

We will also be seeing the 1st official cut of Black South-Easter by the end of July, and Craig will be delivering a draft of our East/West script, for me to read, in about 10 days time - I can't wait !!! And the premier of Sleeper's Wake is taking place at DIFF on the 20th ... it is all very exciting!

Tonight there is there is the Euro 2012 final in Kiev, and if Spain does win, well then Ukraine and South Africa will share a common piece of football history.

Gentlemen, start your engines ...

Posted by Ronnie Apteker