Thursday 7 June 2012

Material !

In 10 days time the Material movie comes out on DVD here in SA ... we can't wait !!!

The DVD is packed with cool new, well, er, material. And also, from the 18th of June the movie will be available on Box Office on DSTV.

The Black South-Easter film is taking shape - we are seeing an assembly next week. And, the Sleeper's Wake movie will be premiered at the Durban Film Festival next month.

Our East/West script is being worked on, day and night, by the master, Craig. Towards the end of next month a first draft script will be delivered to me.

Very exciting times ahead, and a lot of nail biting tension.

Please help spread the word - the Material movie is magical, and this DVD should be a must have collector's item.

On the 19th of June we are showing the film to an important lady who is visiting from Toronto on behalf of the TIFF. This is a big milestone - please God luck is on our side.

Posted by Ronnie Apteker