Thursday 16 June 2011


We saw the film on Monday, and my heart tells me that it is wonderful. But my head reminds me that we need perspective. This is a fundamental thing of all endeavours - we all need perspective. Perhaps we think the film is magical but others won't. Oy!

So, on Tuesday evening next week a group of people who don't know anything about the movie, and who don’t know us, are coming to see the film in a small, focus group. That will be an important milestone, and it will hopefully give us some peace of mind. How will we know if they like it? Well, if they laugh a lot that will be a good sign, and if they reach for a tissue at the end (we will have a Kleenex box on hand) then that will be the ultimate acknowledgment.

And so the anxiety continues ... but soon we will know. Soon soon.

Posted by Ronnie Apteker


kim said...

So did they laugh a lot, and then reach for the tissues?