Friday 27 August 2010

Virtual toy

I was in London recently, doing some work, with Craig, my film making partner, on the Riaad Moosa journey.

We stayed a night in a cool high-tech hotel, and they told us that we had to go and see the new Apple store that just opened up in Covent Gardens. Like everyone else, Apple has captured my imagination, but I have never owned a Apple computer. So, off we went on Saturday early evening to explore this new geek haven. The placed was huge, and packed, and buzzing - I don't think the work "geek" here is entirely fair - this was one happening spot!

And then, I did it - I purchased an iPad, and as I sit here writing this blog (still on my trusty Sony Vaio) the Apple iPad is next to me, doing its thing. I frikken love it! Hey, I also love my Sony laptop, but this new tablet looking device from Apple is fascinating!

Also, I can't stop thinking about how the hotel made a point to send us to this shop. I am glad they did though. But, if the world biggest McDonald's opened up, who would care. When it comes to Apple, they have got under our skins. Amazing!

Remember those executive toys, that all of us over-grown business children, er, people, buy for our offices and our homes etc., well, that is what the iPad is all about - the ultimate executive toy - virtual executive toy! And more! You can download some really cool applications and before you know it you can be editing photographs, reading a PDF book, or playing some 3D game. But it also is a business tool - I mean, I have installed Skype on it, and I now have my email on the iPad too, and I can look at spreadsheets, read WORD DOCs, check out PowerPoint presentations, and more. And here is the best part: the battery seems to last all day (the battery is the killer app. in my view)!

At first I thought it was just a big iPhone, which is a fun phone. But this is a whole new level of magic!

Posted by Ronnie Apteker


Tony Wade said...

If time allows, I'll go and visit the store today.