Thursday 6 May 2010

June is around the corner

We have begun a very exciting revamp of the Vottle website! We have spent much time over the last few months analyzing the functionality and ease of use of the site, together with a group of web design experts.

Our aim: to tweak the layout and functionality of the site with the goal of making it cleaner, sleeker and generally more user friendly.

While the majority of changes will appear to be visual, there will also be some subtle but important functional changes to make the site more intuitive. These include remodeling the way adverts are published to certain regions, ultimately making relevant content easier to find. We will also mean reducing the number of clicks and pages necessary to perform certain functions, like logging in, posting adverts and so on, all to improve the overall user experience.

Layout changes will ensure that only relevant content is shown on certain pages thereby making the site both faster and more user friendly, and some content reshuffling will take place to maximize exposure of content that is more important, thereby promoting the posting and upgrading of adverts as well as increasing the number of responses to existing ads. We will also gradually be doing some housekeeping on our categories and other content to ensure there is no unnecessary clutter on the site.

While Vottle has constantly evolved with new features since its inception, this is essentially the first major overhaul of the web site in its entirety. We are putting all the knowledge we have gained over the last few years to good use to produce a smart new look.

The first major rollout is due at the end of this month.

We are also currently exploring an interesting idea with the STAR Classifieds.

Stay tuned!

Posted by Ronnie Apteker