Tuesday 13 October 2009

The dream team

A dream team is the ultimate prize in life; like a dream husband or wife. If you ever have the privilege of being in a dream team then don't ever let it go!

Yes, don't ever sell or try trade a dream team. It is the hardest thing in the world to have, in my view. With a dream team you got each other's backs, and you have fun; like in a good marriage. You would never trade in a good partner if something else catches your eye. You would never sell off a dream team just because there is a cash offer on the table. Unless of course you are just young and naive.

If the dream team is winning then stick to your guns and stay a team - selling a venture means a loss of control and ultimately the dream team will fragment and cease (which is not your intention). Yes, to put a dream team together is the ultimate life challenge; like a good, solid marriage. Again, don't ever sell or trade a dream team. And if you do, it is probably not because you are a bad or stupid person, but simply because you lack life experience. Once the dream team goes, and let's say you then have a pile of money, you know what you will do next, well, you start trying to get back to a dream team - so, don't let it go.

Building a dream team is like raising a child - it is an ongoing process. You can't switch off from it - it does not sit on a "to do list"; it needs constant nurturing and work. It is always there, at the back of your mind. You never stop trying to make the team better and stronger.

A dream team is what life is about. And life is a serious, and fun, job, 24x7.

Posted by Ronnie Apteker


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