Thursday 2 July 2009

Farkin freezing!

Another month goes by at lightning speed. It's hard to believe half the year is behind us! It is also hard to believe we are in Africa, because it is farkin freezing over here!

The past month we spent a lot of time with Kagiso Media on the classifieds initiative we are exploring with them. We have made some significant progress on being able to supply white labeled versions of our classifieds site to partners. While MoneyWeb was our first partner in this regard, their classifieds system is a complete standalone site from their main website.

The sites we are currently putting together for Kagiso (the first will be for Jacaranda FM and East Coast Radio) are different in that these classifieds sites run as part of the content on the existing pages on their site/s, and things like menu options and search facilities which run off their side are now integrated seamlessly with our classifieds engine.

Also, since the radio stations are regionalized, so are each of the sites, meaning that they will default to showing content in their relevant provinces.

We are also customizing the look and feel for each site and have improved our admin tools significantly to make managing of white labeled sites much easier.

On other news, is progressing well - we now have a proper mobile demo which is really cool. This month we will have 6 corporates on a pilot service and we are hoping to have our first official customers by August.

On the Wantitall side we are currently exploring launching a site in Nigeria - again, like with Brazil, the learning curve has been intense, but so far so good - we are also very excited about this!

Make sure to catch the TrafficFundi team at the IS annual conference this July: Internetix.

Posted by Ronnie Apteker