Thursday 25 June 2009

Sleeping around

Why do people straight out of school think it is easy to make money. I love the enthusiasm and the spirit, but, it can also take up so much time. Well, so much of my time that is. I meet so many young, excited people each week, and I love so many of their ideas. But, ideas don't make money, people do. They often look at me with these long blank stares when I ramble off something like this.

I a friend of mine was reminding me of something compelling the other day. He was talking about Bob Metcalfe who started 3Com.

Mr. Metcalfe invented the Ethernet at Xerox PARC. Someone then once commented that Mr. Metcalfe had made a lot of money because of this invention, to which he responded with "I didn’t make money from inventing the Ethernet; I made money from waking up early in cheap hotels rooms all around the world."

Yes, there is a close connection between getting up in the world and getting up in the morning.

Posted by Ronnie Apteker