Thursday 4 September 2008

The T bird is coming !

Here's an old classic story: There was this eighty year old fellow who went into the church and entered the confessional. He said to the priest, "I am eighty years old, have a wife and four children and eleven grandchildren. I have always been faithful ... but last night I met two eighteen year old girls and we had sex all night." "When was the last time you were at confession?" asked the priest. “Never," said the old man, "I'm Jewish." "Then why are you telling me?" asked the priest. "I'm telling everyone," said the old man.

Yeah, we are on route this Saturday to join the head Vottler Richard in Sao Paulo. In just a few days he is going to flip the switch and we will be live in Brazil. Terry, hold on to your hat, the ride is about to begin! Oh yes, the T bird is Terence from - this is his first trip outside of South Africa.

Lots happening! We will keep you posted.

Brazil, please be good to Richard, he is burning the midnight oil and pulling out all the stops - the site we are rolling out next week is hot. We will share the Web address with you when we go live. Yup, will be telling everyone!

Posted by Ronnie Apteker