Friday 1 August 2008

Vottle Vibes

There is lots going on in Vottleland - here are some of the highlights from the month gone by:

- since we went live with paid for upgrades (at the start of last month) we have had 28 successful credit card transactions
- some changes were made to our banner scripts to accommodate the Outsurance banners - we are also investigating the possibility of using a proper banner administration and serving tool to increase flexibility even more
- we have become members of the OPA
- our Vottle blog ( has been registered on

Much of the month has been focused on our initiative in Brazil. Richard van Kutmein is the man of the moment - here he is reporting on the spot: "Vottle's Brazilian sister site, Classitop, has had a language engine built so that the site can seamlessly change between English and Portuguese. The majority of the site has already been translated, this in just over two weeks. We are in the process of bringing up a staging server in Brazil which will have a fully operational site up and running in their environment in the next few days. We are also in the process of customizing this site for this purpose, and much of the development work will be carried over to Vottle in the near future as enhancements are developed."

Posted by the Vottlers