Sunday 9 December 2007

Computers count faster but people count more

I heard this saying by a man called POD who works at SAB: Computers count faster but people count more. POD is a great guy. Hard working, genuine, humble, honest. Everything that matters in this world has to do with people. The most important thing we ever build are relationships.

This past week was intense. For the Vottlers and I, we really sweated. We were planning a platform change for months now, but we were forced to do the cut over prematurely when our baby crashed on us on Wednesday. That was a very long day. It is now Sunday and Vottle is running smoothly and faster than ever on its new infrastructure.

The man of the moment here is Richard van K. Throughout the whole stressful adventure Richard kept a cool head and a calm keyboard manner. If any of you Vottle users out there are reading this, Richard is the man to thank for the cool service that has just received a big upgrade. And there's more. In the next week we will be rolling out a more social driven component in the form of a forum like service on our comments engine. This will include the ability to upload a photograph and to interact more sociably on the comments system. Our aim here is to move a few steps closer to a community oriented platform.

Yes, it is all about people. It has often been said that ideas move mountains. But the truth is, ideas don't do anything. It is people that move mountains.

Posted by Ronnie Apteker